Spirit Matters Centre

Offering retreats, yoga and astrology guidance in Almonte, Ontario


A Mississippi Mills Resource for Local Food, Astrology, Retreats and Workshops, and Yoga Classes

The SpiritMatters Centre was created to be a resource for personal growth techniques and to provide a place to share ideas about living together with intelligence, humanity and community. Based in Almonte, Ontario we offer:

  •     workshop facilities
  •     yoga
  •     classes on the basics of astrology
  •     personal astrological consultations
  •      a monthly shamanic circle

Our Philosophy

We are all interconnected and everything that exists is a manifestation of universal energy.

These ideas were known by mystics and the great thinkers of the past. The most recent scientific discoveries also confirm these truths. What is new though is the idea that, as a collective family, we must realize this reality in our everyday lives. This takes the courage to examine where we have been, what is worth keeping and what has outlived its usefulness. It means having the open-mindedness to explore new ideas about who we are and the courage to put into practice, new tools and techniques for effective living.