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New Moon in Aries

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Was either Sunday or yesterday, Monday, a ‘rough’ day for you? For many it seems it was. The energies are intense and  each one of us is being called into action.  What will it take to transform the outworn, manmade  structures that we currently live in? This is one of the questions being asked of us during the time period of the Uranus/Pluto square – 2008 -2015.  This New Moon of Sunday March 30, 2014 at 8:44 PM EDT   is a powerful step in the process.  The act of the Sun and Moon  conjoining Uranus in Aries, potentizes and personalizes an already powerful call to awaken to our own uniqueness. This process is, everyday, taking us into new territories of Self discovery.

The Nodes of the Moon are also now  located on this Aries axis – South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra, indicating that this personal awakening process must be set into the context of  ‘others’. Libra brings refinement and a genuine desire to learn, to observe, and to listen to the realities of other beings -either of differing cultures and customs, family values, or  personal philosophies and worldviews.  As we incorporate these Libran qualities into who we are,  our own unique and creative expression is more likely to be fuelled by a true desire for justice and equality, rather than an aggressive or defensive posture, another expression of Arian energy, though a clearly less evolved one. Uranus is calling us to  “houseclean” our worldviews  and to truly  “illuminate”  ourselves. There is no more potent force on the planet than a changing, evolving, and thus powerful individual.

Juno, the asteroid named after a former queen presiding in the ancient world, astrologically, will culminate in the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 22 2014. My next post will expand on this. Check in during the next week for the continuation.

Author: Spirit Matters Centre

The SpiritMatters Centre was created to be a resource for personal growth techniques and to provide a place to share ideas about living together with intelligence, humanity and community. Based in Almonte, Ontario we offer: workshop facilities relaxing retreats yoga classes classes on the basics of astrology personal astrological consultations

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