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Jupiter and Juno

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In the New Moon of March 30. the asteroid, Juno, was tightly conjunct the Sun, Moon, and Uranus. This makes her a major player in the Cardinal Grand Cross energy. As mentioned in earlier posts, each of these New and Full Moons are steps up the spiral staircase of unfolding consciousness – today’s Full Moon was an eclipse, and a Blood or Pink Moon, depending on the terminology you prefer, and thus, powerful. So check out this cool piece of synchronicity, involving space exploration and astrology. It was my good friend, Mark, who alerted me to this, after he read my earlier blog. At first I thought he must be pulling my leg. Apparently not!

At this moment, a satellite named Juno, is heading towards Jupiter, expected to be there by 2016. From http://www.solarsystem.nasa.gov, we find out that:  “Juno will, for the first time, see below Jupiter’s dense cover of clouds. This is why the mission is named after the Roman goddess, who was Jupiter’s wife, and could see through the clouds.”

Juno, the satellite,  was launched in 2011, but because the asteroid Juno is now aligning herself with the powerful energies of the Cardinal Cross, the changes are happening quickly, and often beneath the surface it seems. At some point these energies will reveal, on both the personal and the collective level, that the  age-old patriarchal structures have collapsed. This is the “soft revolution”, something which exists in parallel to the shocking and and traumatic events that continue to be part of present day reality everywhere.

In a similar vein, Kenneth Cook of EWG.org is speaking about their new food data base, which provides an app for shoppers to find out about the plethora of chemicals found in some 80,000 common food brands listed on their site. If Change the Way You Eat has the same effect on producers and consumers that their earlier SkinDeep site  had on the cosmetics industry, Uranus and Pluto are at work. “Before Skin Deep, one cosmetics industry boss said,  women thought they were putting on make-up. After Skin Deep, they thought they were putting on chemicals.”

The Subway restaurant  chain has already taken azodiacarbonamide (more of a scientific mouthful apparently than a food one) out of its “healthy” sandwich bread. EWG’s site lists another 500 brands of bread that contain the same chemical. Again, we can see Uranus, associated with heightened awareness, at work here, seeding the minds of people who care, and  guiding them in the best ways to make this revolution, without warfare, happen. The pen can be mightier than the sword.

These indicators are beacons of light, and powerful reminders not to lose hope in a world that often seems engulfed in an endless quagmire of social injustice and environmental destruction.

Connect to Truth, see the light and act.


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