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As Above, So Below – The Divine Science

“Astrology hints at powerful secrets…in a sense our true nature is as vast as the universe itself.” Quote from Ray Grasse in the Mountain Astrologer #165

Almonte astrology services

It is hard to imagine that the planets in our Solar System can actually be connected to both events in our lives, and our unfolding journey as an individual But anyone who chooses to study astrology will prove to themselves that this is so.

Here are three examples, from the most particular to the most global:



  • Someone who is having Saturn touch an important point in his/her birth chart can experience dental problems. In astrology, Saturn is associated with the hard and boney structures of the body.
  • A mother watches her infant son, age 2, begin to suck his thumb, which he has not done, until this point. Why?, she ponders. Uranus, the planet often referred to as “the awakener”, has begun  to transit  her son’s  natal Sun, Mars, Moon and Mercury in the sign of Cancer. As she contemplates his reaction, it seems like a perfect solution to a problem. It is an awfully young age to experience such a powerful energy, and so he self soothes. She notes this transit will last for about 4 years and realizes she will need to be patient in the face of public criticism, which is inevitable. At about 6, when the pass is completing he “miraculously” forgets about his thumb. It is really no miracle, the young lad was naturally in touch with his own needs.
  • About once in 40 years the planets Pluto and Uranus align in specific patterns that presage that humanity is in a period of change that is both dynamic and unsettling and yet ultimately creative and progressive. We are in such a time now (2008 – 2015). The last time this happened was from 1964-1969. Research to date shows that these epochs of change are consistent over the last 800 years.

When we stop to think about it, these examples challenge our present world view. This is why I study and practice astrology. I love the mystery it presents and the spark it gives to my deep sense that there is a better way to live on this beautiful planet Earth.