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As Above, So Below – The Divine Science

My journey with astrology began long ago. In 1969 I landed at a Sivananda Yoga Retreat Centre in the Poconos Mountains. There, Lakshmi Devi gave me the gift of an astro reading with her personal astrologer, Mary Russell, of New York  city. This reading was a very important part of my inner transformation process which was already underway. I have loved yoga and astrology since that time. I am still learning . It is a never ending journey and one which  continually feeds my soul.  Soul growth has become my focus of my attention.

Intuitively, I know that each of us has a divine spark, our own unique gift for the collective. Kindling that flame within myself, and others, has become my calling.

I have studied and practiced widely – Kaballah, Shamanism, Heart Math, Evolutionary Astrology, Buddhism and a number of facets of Yoga. All of these inform my present astrological practice.

The  annual Tracking the Soul  workshops and the monthly Flower of Life gatherings that take place here at SpiritMatters,  are designed to help individuals experience the sustained support of a group of like-minded souls, all committed to exploring their own personal inner realms. The combination of personal work, with the support of the group, provides not only feelings of safety, encouragement and warmth, but also the spark of creativity and brilliance that comes with  collective effort.

For More Info on the Tracking the Soul workshop in August 2018 visit http://www.joelandwehr.com and follow links to same.

Monthly Flower of Life Circle gatherings are held here at SpiritMatters on the 4th Thursday of each month from 10 AM – 4 PM. For more details call 613-256-2361.

Personal astro chart readings are also available upon request  at 613-256-2361.



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