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Jupiter and Juno

In the New Moon of March 30. the asteroid, Juno, was tightly conjunct the Sun, Moon, and Uranus. This makes her a major player in the Cardinal Grand Cross energy. As mentioned in earlier posts, each of these New and Full Moons are steps up the spiral staircase of unfolding consciousness – today’s Full Moon was an eclipse, and a Blood or Pink Moon, depending on the terminology you prefer, and thus, powerful. So check out this cool piece of synchronicity, involving space exploration and astrology. It was my good friend, Mark, who alerted me to this, after he read my earlier blog. At first I thought he must be pulling my leg. Apparently not!

At this moment, a satellite named Juno, is heading towards Jupiter, expected to be there by 2016. From http://www.solarsystem.nasa.gov, we find out that:  “Juno will, for the first time, see below Jupiter’s dense cover of clouds. This is why the mission is named after the Roman goddess, who was Jupiter’s wife, and could see through the clouds.”

Juno, the satellite,  was launched in 2011, but because the asteroid Juno is now aligning herself with the powerful energies of the Cardinal Cross, the changes are happening quickly, and often beneath the surface it seems. At some point these energies will reveal, on both the personal and the collective level, that the  age-old patriarchal structures have collapsed. This is the “soft revolution”, something which exists in parallel to the shocking and and traumatic events that continue to be part of present day reality everywhere.

In a similar vein, Kenneth Cook of EWG.org is speaking about their new food data base, which provides an app for shoppers to find out about the plethora of chemicals found in some 80,000 common food brands listed on their site. If Change the Way You Eat has the same effect on producers and consumers that their earlier SkinDeep site  had on the cosmetics industry, Uranus and Pluto are at work. “Before Skin Deep, one cosmetics industry boss said,  women thought they were putting on make-up. After Skin Deep, they thought they were putting on chemicals.”

The Subway restaurant  chain has already taken azodiacarbonamide (more of a scientific mouthful apparently than a food one) out of its “healthy” sandwich bread. EWG’s site lists another 500 brands of bread that contain the same chemical. Again, we can see Uranus, associated with heightened awareness, at work here, seeding the minds of people who care, and  guiding them in the best ways to make this revolution, without warfare, happen. The pen can be mightier than the sword.

These indicators are beacons of light, and powerful reminders not to lose hope in a world that often seems engulfed in an endless quagmire of social injustice and environmental destruction.

Connect to Truth, see the light and act.



Ceres and Vesta in Libra

In the New Moon chart of March 30 2014, Ceres and Vesta were closely conjunct the North Node in Libra, as was Mars, though with a wider orb. New Moons begin a cycle of awareness that will culminate 2 weeks later at the Full Moon, which this month occurs April 15. In a broader context each New and Full Moon is spiraling consciousness to a greater awareness. This process is greatly magnified this month because, shortly after the Full Moon, between April 21-23, there is a Cardinal Grand Cross. This is an uncommon event, one that presages  ” change for our time”. Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, both changemakers, form the basis of this Grand Cardinal Cross. The faster moving planets which complete the cross are Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. Grand Crosses focus energy in a powerful way which brings crisis and potentially, resolution.

What do the placements of Ceres and Vesta indicate by their being active in the New and Full Moons leading up to Cardinal Grand Cross? Ceres ( the word ‘cereal’ having its root in) was the Earth Goddess of the triple Goddess, referred to in the last post. The health and vigour of the natural world was her domain. Vesta has a more subtle or veiled history. From earliest times, she was associated with “the mysteries”, and was pictured holding  ‘the flame’ close to her heart. By Roman times her role had become the ‘keeper of the hearth’, and literally ‘ her flame’ was kept burning, in a public place, until the 4th or 5th century, when it was extinguished by Christians. In modern astrology she is associated with ‘commitment’ and “the sacred”.

It is significant that Ceres and Vesta are travelling together, for a number of months,  in these intensely transformative times. Life in the early 21st century is not lived as if it is sacred. With the benefit of mass communication and travel, we now have the knowledge of how other cultures have lived in greater alignment with the natural world than we are presently.  Continued cross cultural exchanges and sophisticated research techniques, have given us access to the wisdom of the ancients, who, much to our surprise, had a deeper understanding of the nature of the universe and humanity’s place in it than our modern culture reflects. These times of crisis and change are meant to open us to what we have created and give us the courage ( Aries/ Mars) to let go of our toxic patterns ( Pluto in Capricorn) so that we are freed to create a new reality ( Uranus in Aries) where our relationship (Libra) with the natural world  (Ceres) is infused with the sacred ( Vesta ).

Instinctively we all know this. It is reassuring to see that the astrological signatures confirm our knowing. Astrology was known as the divine science  because  reading the celestial signatures confirmed that indeed we are all interconnected.


Asteroid Signatures of The New Moon – Juno, Ceres, Vesta

It is most significant that Juno is conjunct Uranus, the Sun and Moon in this New Moon chart of Sunday Mar 30 2014. Juno was one of the goddesses revered in ancient Greece ( she was known as Hera then), and Rome. She was married against her will to Jupiter, and because she was older than he and still part of the much older matriarchal tradition, this marriage was  a personal step-down and loss of power. According to The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G Walker, Juno ruled the celestial aspect of the ancient Goddess Trinity,  Ceres, the earthly aspect, and Proserpine or Persephone, the underworld. It is clearly important that two aspects of this Goddess Trinity are involved in the Aries New Moon; it is noteworthy that in this chart, Juno is square to Jupiter, her partner.

According to Walker, every Roman woman embodied a bit of this great goddess’ spirit by having her own “juno”‘. Roman men had their protector “geniuses”. At some point the term “juno” was dropped from usage, though  “genius” remained in common usage, kept as part of  patriarchal ancestry! Consequently, women were left feeling deprived of their “souls”. It is also interesting to note that our modern use of the word “genius”, as someone of  exceptional intelligence, is quite recent.

Juno, who is also associated with the sign of Libra, because she had always stood for equal, fair and committed relationship was known to have spent much of her married life raging against Jupiter, who was an acknowledged philanderer. With Juno in Aries, conjunct the Sun, Moon and Uranus, what is being called for is personal commitment to self, the true inner Self which reflects our divinity. Note what is said about such a commitment in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol :

…”the Bible tells us to ‘go build a temple’….a temple we must ‘build with no tools and making no noise’. The text say(s) your body is a temple. ‘You are the temple of God’….the Scriptures are well aware of the power latent within us…and they are urging us to harness that power….urging us to build the temples of our minds’. (page 499)

These powerful signatures in Aries/Libra, which incorporate both strong masculine and feminine energies, indicate that  if society is to change dramatically, as the intense Uranus/Pluto square indicates, these changes will manifest as each of us, individually, takes back ownership of our own masculine / feminine  being.  Uranus energy calls us to upgrade our understanding of who we truly are;   Pluto will compel us to face, and then eliminate, habits and ways of thinking about ourselves that do not serve our highest selves.


Postscript: Later in the day, I was privileged to see a wonderful modern dance production, Complexe des Genres, choreographed by Virginie Brunelle, which the program notes describe as, “the search for self through relationships. Doubt looms, the cold, obsessive quest for perfection is pervasive, but still there is hope as worthy, thinking beings, men and women, can experience growth, acceptance and love .” Both my friend and I, and, quite obviously, the rest of the audience, felt the power of these themes as they were danced, without words, before us.

On my way home I caught the closing minutes of CBC’s Ideas. The themes were reiterated. In this case the subject was ‘ bleaching’ which is routinely practiced by people of color all over the world, and to a degree much beyond what I had been aware of. A woman from India spoke of the pervasiveness of the practice in her country, and though she herself did not take part, said that for years she has been asked, in wonderment, by fellow brown skinned folks, how she could have so much confidence in herself when her skin is so dark. She laughed delightedly and made the comment that she had not been fed those kinds of ideas by her parents, but added more soberly that she felt that women had become accustomed over centuries to ‘present’ themselves for men. In a more poignant case, a young woman from Jamaica was interviewed as well. Her voice indicated that she was not so confident about her decision not to bleach. She commented that everyone in her family, male and female, and people she knew, bleached. She had become so uncomfortable with working on her “outside” self, when she knew that it was her inner self that counted, that she made a difficult decision to stop the practice. She made it clear that she felt that what her countryman needed to do was to recapture their own inner selves again and love themselves. She also commented that from her experience,  the prejudices that colonialism had bred, continued to the present, though now under the rule of corporatism. Astrologically, corporatism is associated with the sign of Capricorn, and while Pluto transits this sign, and especially in its square to Uranus, we are impelled to come to terms with how we have been conditioned and thus move to reclaim our selves.

More to follow on Ceres, Vesta conjunct North node in Libra, as well as Jupiter in Cancer.


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New Moon in Aries

Was either Sunday or yesterday, Monday, a ‘rough’ day for you? For many it seems it was. The energies are intense and  each one of us is being called into action.  What will it take to transform the outworn, manmade  structures that we currently live in? This is one of the questions being asked of us during the time period of the Uranus/Pluto square – 2008 -2015.  This New Moon of Sunday March 30, 2014 at 8:44 PM EDT   is a powerful step in the process.  The act of the Sun and Moon  conjoining Uranus in Aries, potentizes and personalizes an already powerful call to awaken to our own uniqueness. This process is, everyday, taking us into new territories of Self discovery.

The Nodes of the Moon are also now  located on this Aries axis – South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra, indicating that this personal awakening process must be set into the context of  ‘others’. Libra brings refinement and a genuine desire to learn, to observe, and to listen to the realities of other beings -either of differing cultures and customs, family values, or  personal philosophies and worldviews.  As we incorporate these Libran qualities into who we are,  our own unique and creative expression is more likely to be fuelled by a true desire for justice and equality, rather than an aggressive or defensive posture, another expression of Arian energy, though a clearly less evolved one. Uranus is calling us to  “houseclean” our worldviews  and to truly  “illuminate”  ourselves. There is no more potent force on the planet than a changing, evolving, and thus powerful individual.

Juno, the asteroid named after a former queen presiding in the ancient world, astrologically, will culminate in the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 22 2014. My next post will expand on this. Check in during the next week for the continuation.

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Full Moon June 23

Who could deny that we are immersed in an intense period of change? Astrological cycles have so much to teach us about these cycles that we collectively experience. For instance, every time Uranus and Pluto are in a significant aspect, we, earth beings, experience a period when citizens rise up and demand social and political change. We are in such a period now. It began in 2008 and will continue until 2018, with the most intense period being 2012-2015.

I will share a couple of examples. On Monday May 20 2013, we had the 3rd of 7 exact “squares’ between Uranus and Pluto. On that day both Mike Duffy’s and Rob Ford’s stories hit the media. These exposures are just proof of what so many people already know or suspect – that people in power are often not playing by the rules that they purport to play by. In Mississippi Mills, we had a town hall packed beyond capacity by citizens demanding that their elected officials listen to the voice of the people.The French Revolution was also a period when Uranus and Pluto were in significant aspect!

The most recent pairing of these planets was in the 1960’s. At that time Uranus and Pluto were conjunct, meaning that we were starting a new astrological cycle that would last well over 100 years. Now, from 2008 -2018, we are in what is called “the first square aspect” of these 2 planets.  It is our job, as thinking humans, to take advantage of this period to “ground” or make happen that which, at the start of the cycle in the 1960’s, was “dreamed in” as a possibility of how humans could live together cooperatively and peacefully on this planet. The cycle of Uranus/Pluto takes a good 100 years to fully manifest, so “the dream” has to be worked out during the whole cycle, only to be followed by another cycle.

So how does the Full Moon of June 23, 2013 fit into this picture? Astrology does not follow just one cycle. The art of astrology is in being able to grasp the complex interweaving of a number of cycles of shorter and longer time frames. The shift from a masculine, top-down/power oriented organization of society to a more feminine/ inclusive laterally oriented sharing of power has been spoken and written about for decades. ( see Riane Eisler’s The Partnership Society). Astrologically, this would be the shift to the famed “Age of Aquarius”, a cycle closer to 2000 years.  The present 100 +/ year Uranus/Pluto cycle  is embedded in the larger cycle’s meaning.

The Full Moon on June 23 has the Sun at 2 degrees Cancer and the Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn. Here is what one of my favorite astrological authors, Stephanie Austin ( Mountain Astrologer –  pg 97, issue 169-June/ July 2013) has to say about this Full Moon chart:

“the primary focal point of this Full Moon is the cost and the demise of the patriarchal rule, or what Sam Keene, author of Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man, called a” technocorporarchy”. For the past 5000 years, the majority of the world has been governed by males and materialism; before that the matriarchy and Mother Nature were venerated. Now our evolution requires that masculine and feminine be brought into equilibrium, calling for the integration of assertion and cooperation.

This upcoming Full Moon, which occurs just after the summer solstice, is a powerful period for the expression of these energies. Keep an eye out for what’s going on in the world at large, and in your own lives, to see these themes play out.


More later