Spirit Matters Centre

Offering retreats, yoga and astrology guidance in Almonte, Ontario

Personal Consultations

Each personal consultation is tailored to the individual. We each have our own unique  and richly creative contribution to make to the world. Though this is true, we often do not seem to give ourselves the time to discover this.

Our day to day lives are full of important and  necessary commitments. What we don’t often realize is that the ability to handle these outer commitments becomes so much easier, lighter and more joyful  when we take the time to make a relationship with our inner self.

My work draws upon my years of teaching at both the elementary and high school level, and 20+ years of yoga and astrology training, teaching and consulting.

At present I sit on the Yggdrasil talking council and am an active member of the council’s mentoring committee. We are a group of 5 who meet regularly to mentor one another, and  thus continue to both practice and grow in mentoring skills.

At SpiritMatters, we have interacted and provided space for a variety of other disciplines – shamanism, Kabballah and Buddhism. These other disciplines have also informed and enriched my life. Having trained in each of these disciplines, allows me to incorporate principles and practices from each in my mentoring/consulting work.

Another thing I would like to add here is that I am also a certified HeartMath trainer and mentor. The http:// http://www.heartmath.com  technique is little known it seems, but its principles and practices are very simple, and their simple techniques can make profound shifts in our day-to day lives.

If you are interested in booking a mentoring/consulting session with me :

PH: 613-256-2361.  text 613-402-2361.  or spiritmatters@bell.net