Spirit Matters Centre

Offering retreats, yoga and astrology guidance in Almonte, Ontario

Yoga Classes

Yoga is the oldest system of personal development in the world. It provides an understanding of what a human being is, and what is needed to have balance and harmony within ourselves and with others.

Yoga helps stretch and tone the muscles, joints, spine and skeleton. It also tones the internal organs, the glands and the nerves. Yoga deep breathing calms and relaxes the emotions and nourishes inner peace: the fountain of vitality and health.

At present there is one yoga class offered a week – Wednesday AM 9:30 – 11:00 starting Jan 15 2019

The emphasis for this class is to provide a weekly, regular, meeting space  – a place for each person to have time for their own personal body needs- and to share and learn from others.

A mix of traditional yoga postures is offered in each class. The class begins with warm-up poses, to encourage movement in stiff places – the neck and shoulders, the hips and the low back. We also work on poses which  maintain and  develop core strength and balance. Each person in the class is encouraged, with assistance, to tailor the poses or exercises for him or herself. Each pose or exercise can be approached in a variety of ways to meet personal needs. A good selection of props available for this.

Above all, the class is welcoming, supportive and friendly.